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WA CHARTERS, Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Dear Friends,

Charlie Hoff is a longtime supporter of charter schools. Charlie worked tirelessly to help establish the Federal Way Public Academy, the closest thing to a charter school currently operating in Washington. Small, personalized and focused on academics rather than athletics, the academy's middle school students have repeatedly posted the highest test scores in the Federal Way School District since the school was opened in the fall of 1999.

In October 2000, Charlie was unanimously appointed to the Federal Way School Board to replace a board member who had resigned. On the board, Charlie has been a tireless advocate for high academic standards, accountability, innovation, efficiency and choice.

Charlie is now up for election. Unfortunately Charlie's opponent (Scott Best) has the kind of "political" name that is guaranteed to get a lot of votes with uninformed voters.

With your help, however, Charlie will keep his seat on the Federal Way School Board where he'll continue to "put kids first."

Please join Fawn and me in donating whatever you can afford to:

4107 South 262nd Place; Kent, WA 98032

Charlie also needs volunteers to help with his campaign. If you live near in South King County or the city of Federal Way, he needs people who can put up a yard sign, assemble yard signs, distribute literature and generally help out.

To volunteer, call Charlie at 253/854-7776 or send him an email at

THANK YOU for everything you're doing to help bring charter schools to Washington state!
Jim & Fawn Spady, co-directors,
Education Excellence Coalition
4426 - 2nd Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105-6191
Jim office phone: 206/634-0589
Jim & Fawn home phone: 425/434-7440
Jim e-mail address:

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