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The Spokesman-Review, September 16, 2013
Spokane Public Schools taking proposals as cutoff nears
Seven years of foreign language. Extra math and science. Nine-hour school days and an extended school year. These are the makings of a charter school planned for Spokane next year... more [Return to Top]
The Spokesman-Review, July 10, 2013
Spokane Public Schools step closer to charter schools
Spokane Public Schools is on its way to establishing the first charter school in Washington. That should come as no surprise: Superintendent Shelley Redinger announced the district’s desire for a charter school before final votes were tallied on the initiative in November. Spokane Public Schools, the state’s second-largest district, was the only district to apply by the first deadline, June 30... more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, July 3, 2013
State teachers union, other groups sue to stop charter schools
A coalition headlined by Washington’s teachers union has filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a recently-approved state initiative establishing charter schools, the group announced Wednesday... more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, June 30, 2013
Districts split over charter schools
Washington voters have decided they want to add charter schools to the education mix in the state, and the three largest districts are taking different approaches to the question: What should charter schools mean to our community?... more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, May 28, 2013
Gates foundation funds group to help charter schools
With the opening of Washington’s first charter school likely 15 months away, more dollars from Seattle’s tech economy are flowing toward groups that want to change the way the state thinks about public schools... more [Return to Top]
The News Tribune, May 24, 2013
Penninsula School District says no to charter schools
School board members in the Gig Harbor-area Peninsula School District have opted out of becoming a charter school authorizer, just as their counterparts in Tacoma have done... more [Return to Top]
Sequim Gazette, May 9, 2013
District ends pursuit of managing charter schools
Sequim School District won't pursue managing any potential incoming charter schools this year. Superintendent Kelly Shea made the recommendation and school board members agreed Wednesday, May 8, that the district didn't have the time or resources to devote to becoming an authorizer... more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, May 1, 2013
Steve Sundquist, ex-Seattle School Board boss, to head charter-school panel
State’s new Charter School Commission is tentatively scheduled to start accepting applications for charter schools by Sept. 22...Washington’s new Charter School Commission elected a former Seattle School Board president as its chairman. The group also started to solidify plans for hiring a staff and choosing the state’s first charter schools. The group held its second meeting Tuesday in Bellevue... more [Return to Top]
The News Tribune, April 30, 2013
Charter school boosters have eyes for Tacoma
Pierce County is emerging as one of the hot spots in Washington’s fledgling charter school movement. November’s voter approval of Initiative 1240 allows the creation of up to 40 of the independently operated, publicly funded schools over the next five years.... more [Return to Top]
The Spokesman Review, April 28, 2013
Spokane Public Schools pursues charter schools
Visions of the kinds of charter schools that could open in Spokane are emerging: a dual-language elementary or middle school; a high school that incorporates two years of college; an academically rigorous elementary school; and a K-8 science, technology, engineering and mathematics school... more [Return to Top]
The Wenatchee World, April 17, 2013
Eastmont defers application for charter schools
EAST WENATCHEE — Eastmont School District will not review charter schools that could apply for operation within the district. School board members unanimously voted to put the decision off at least for another year at a board meeting Monday night... more [Return to Top]
Peninsula Daily News, April 15, 2013
Port Townsend educator gives Charter School 101
PORT TOWNSEND — Charter schools can improve education but not if they offer the same curriculum as what is now available, a Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce audience was told Monday... more [Return to Top]
Weekly Volcano, April 15, 2013
Moving forward with charter schools in Tacoma
At the end of March, the Tacoma Public Schools (TPS) board of directors voted 4-1 denoting intent to apply as a charter school authorizer in Washington state. Despite rhetoric espousing this vote as nothing more than additional time for consideration, it appears that TPS does indeed see utility in joining the charter school movement. This step marks, for the first time, a change in tone from the district, which opposed Initiative 1240 during the 2012 campaign... more [Return to Top]
Peninsula Daily News, April 4, 2013
Will Sequim, Port Townsend get charter schools?
SEQUIM — The Sequim School District is one of 12 statewide, along with the Port Townsend School District, that have indicated to the state Board of Education that it intends to apply to be an authorizer of public charter schools... more [Return to Top]
Herald Net, April 3, 2013
County districts will wait and see on charter schools
We're getting a clearer idea this week of where Washington's first charter schools may open, and it's not likely to be Snohomish County... more [Return to Top]
KING 5 News, April 2, 2013
12 state school districts agree to authorize charter schools
TACOMA, Wash. -- A dozen Washington school districts have sent letters to the state Board of Education indicating intent to authorize charter schools starting in 2014, beating a Monday deadline... more [Return to Top]
Bob Ferguson, Attorney General of Washington, March 29, 2013
Informal Attorney General Opinion dated March 29, 2013
Click on the title above to download the complete report... more [Return to Top]
North Kitsap Herald, March 28, 2013
Community will have charter school questions answered March 27 at Breidablik
POULSBO — When the Breidablik community found out they would not have an elementary for the 2013-14 school year, some parents began weighing their options... more [Return to Top]
Kitsap Sun, March 26, 2013
Charter school Q&A set for Wednesday at Breidablik
POULSBO — A group of parents from Breidablik Elementary School is exploring what it would take to start a charter school in North Kitsap, possibly at Breidablik, which is slated for closure next year... more [Return to Top]
The News Tribune, March 21, 2013
Tacoma School Board considers becoming charter-school authorizer
Some members of the Tacoma School Board are tiptoeing carefully around the idea of charter schools – and whether they want to signal their intent to become an authorizer of the independently run, publicly funded schools.... more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times , February 27, 2013
Coalition files action over Wash. charter law
SEATTLE —A coalition of educators and community groups filed a legal challenge with the state attorney general Wednesday questioning the constitutionality of Washington's new charter schools law... more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times , February 26, 2013
Correction: Charter Schools story
In a story Feb. 24 about charter schools, The Associated Press erroneously reported the first name of the director of the Center for Education Reform at the Washington Policy Center. The correct name is Liv Finne, not Liz Finne. A corrected version of the story is below... more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, February 24, 2013
Activists, teachers apply for charter-school commission
Education activists, teachers, lawyers, a PTA leader and a woman who used to work with charter schools in California are among the applicants to the new state commission that is expected to approve some of Washington’s first charter schools... more [Return to Top]
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, February 2, 2013
WA's new charter school law rated 3rd best in the USA by the NAPCS
In November 2012, Washington voters adopted a public charter school law via Initiative 1240. Because of its relatively strong alignment with NAPCS’s model law, Washington’s new law scored 161 points out of 228 points, placing it at #3 (out of 43)... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Bellingham Herald, January 9, 2013
WA Board of Ed to draft rules for charter schools
TUMWATER, WASH. - The Washington State Board of Education is ready to take public comment on rules it hopes to adopt in February concerning the next steps toward opening up to eight public charter schools by fall 2014... click to read more [Return to Top]
Washington State Wire, January 3, 2013
State Teachers' Union to Challenge Charter School Measure - But What About Dorn?

OLYMPIA, Jan. 3.-The state's powerful teachers' union will challenge the charter-schools measure approved by voters last November, perhaps no surprise given the longstanding opposition of the Washington Education Association - but it remains unclear whether state schools superintendent Randy Dorn will join in the lawsuit or file one of his own... click to read more [Return to Top]

The News Tribune,December 15 , 2013
Teachers, others head to Tacoma to learn about charter schools
If turnout at a charter school conference held Saturday in Tacoma is any measure, there’s definitely some interest in the independently managed, publicly financed schools that were approved by voters in November... click to read more
[Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, November 28, 2012
As charter schools get going here, best-known charter chains may stay away
The first charter schools in Washington probably will be kitchen-table charters, started by a teacher or principal or two. Many of the nation's best-known charter chains are already committed elsewhere or want to wait and see how the first charters fare... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Seattle Times, November 12, 2012
Charter schools narrowly win approval in Washington
By a slim margin, Washington voters have approved Initiative 1240, which will allow up to 40 charter schools to open here over the next five years. The outcome makes Washington the 42nd state in the nation to allow charters, 20 years after Minnesota passed the nation's first charter-school law... click to read more [Return to Top]

Washington Charter School Resource Center, November 10, 2012
Update on General Elections Results for Initiative Measure No. 1240
Almost 800,000 additional ballots have been counted since Election Night, and Initiative 1240 is looking more and more like it will ultimately win a majority of votes cast when the election results are ultimately certified by the Secretary of State... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Spokesman-Review, November 9, 2012
Spokane will seek charter school
Although votes are still being counted on Washington's charter school initiative, Spokane Public Schools officials have already decided the district will apply to have one if it passes... click to read more [Return to Top]

vote.wa.gov, November 6, 2012
November 6, 2012 General Elections Results for Initiative Measure No. 1240 which Concerns creation of a public charter school system
Dear Friends, The 2012 Charter Public Schools ballot initiative (I-1240) is currently ahead 51.2% to 48.8%, with about half the votes counted... click to read more [Return to Top]

King5, October 18, 2012
KING 5 poll: Initiatives still ahead; AG race now a toss-up
Four ballot measures -- including gay marriage and marijuana legalization -- are leading among voters who are likely to cast ballots in the fall election, a new KING 5 poll shows... click to read more [Return to Top]

King 5 , September 9, 2012
Charter schools on the ballot again in Washington State
Charter schools are on the ballot in Washington for a third time with an initiative that promises more choice. But some say the idea is misguided. Robert Mak looks into the question - are charter schools really the answer?...
click to read more [Return to Top]
Herald Net, September 2, 2012
Initiative gets 'A' from U.S. charter school group
If voters pass an initiative allowing charter schools, Washington will become one of the nation's leaders in its embrace of the nontraditional mode of educating students with public funds... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Seattle Times, July 25, 2012
Charter schools measure officially on Wash. ballot
The charter schools initiative is officially on the Washington state ballot for November. Secretary of State Sam Reed announced Wednesday that supporters easily qualified by submitting more than enough signatures... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Seattle Times, July 6, 2012
Charter school initiative gets 350,000 signatures, likely headed for ballot
Supporters of an initiative to allow charter schools in Washington state submitted about 350,000 signatures to the Secretary of State this morning, more than enough to qualify for the November ballot... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Olympian, June 15, 2012
UPDATE - Judge OK's ballot for I-1240 (charter schools)
Backers of Initiative 1240 are now free to print petitions and start collecting signatures for their measure to create a new public charter school system in Washington. Judge Lisa Sutton gave approval to final ballot-title language this morning after hearing in Thurston County Superior Court to hear proposals from parties on opposite sides of the issue... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Seattle Times, May 22, 2012
Advocacy groups file initiative to put charter schools on November ballot
Maybe a fourth time will be the charm. A coalition of education advocacy groups on Tuesday started the process of once again asking voters to allow charter schools in Washington state... click to read more [Return to Top]

The News Tribune, May 22, 2012
Charter school advocates make last-minute attempt to reach 2012 ballot
The chief of staff for the League of Education Voters filed a measure today that would ask voters this November to allow up to 40 charter schools in Washington — if supporters can accumulate 241,153 signatures by July 6 to get it on the ballot... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Seattle Times, February 27, 2012
Another Democratic donor raises concerns about education changes
Paul Brainerd, a major Democratic contributor, has joined a growing number of party donors who say they feel the state is lagging on education reform... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Seattle Times, February 26, 2012
Groups consider trying to put charter-school initiative on ballot
With a proposal to introduce charter schools into Washington still stalled in the Legislature, those seeking to shake up the state education system are considering other avenues, including again taking the issue to the ballot box, several leaders of the so-called "education reform" movement said last week... click to read more [Return to Top]

The News Tribune, October 19, 2010
Washington state's schoolchildren can't afford to wait for Superman
"Waiting for Superman," the much-talked about documentary on education in America, has spurred debate in this country about what ails our system and who is to blame, but the indisputable fact remains that too many children are not succeeding... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Columbian, September 7, 2010
Washington View: Choice of a charter school adds value
In the competition for $3.4 billion in education grants under President Obama's Race to the Top, Washington is near the bottom. We ranked 32nd out of the 36 states that applied... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Seattle Times, August 26, 2010
Washington state sank to near the bottom in Race to The Top
WASHINGTON state failed to make the grade in the latest round of Race to the Top federal education grants. More distressing: the state ranked 32nd out of 36 states... click to read more [Return to Top]

The News Tribune, August 24, 2010
Washington state finished 32nd out of 36 Race to the Top applicants
Here is the state-by-state summary or scores and rankings. It isn't a pretty picture of the quality of the state's application which received just 290.6 out of the possible 500 points. That placed it 32nd of the 36 applicants for Phase 2 of the Race to the Top competition... click to read more [Return to Top]

The News Tribune, July 29, 2010
Race to Top: Who needed the money, anyway?
It would be giving Washington way too much credit to say the state was an also-ran in Race to the Top. "Pathetic wannabe" would be more accurate... click to read more [Return to Top]

Seattlepi.com, July 27, 2010
Washington state not a finalist for federal grant
SEATTLE -- Although Washington state is not a finalist in the federal Race to the Top education grant competition, state officials said Tuesday they would continue down the path they have laid out for education reform... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Seattle Times, June 16, 2010
Waiting for charter schools
A FILM critic described the documentary "Waiting for Superman" as a bucket of ice water in the face of complacency. Yes, and once the flotsam of emotion surrounding public education is washed away, there is only the clear truth: Public schools are failing too many children... click to read more [Return to Top]

The News Tribune, June 6, 2010
State's educator evaluations foray is a weak compromise
Sometime in the next week, a handful of Washington school districts will be chosen to lead the state in a new direction. Each will be asked to develop a new way of evaluating teachers and principals... click to read more [Return to Top]

The News Tribune, June 2, 2010
Race to Top application in
OLYMPIA - With about 90 percent of districts signed on statewide, Washington joined 34 other states and the District of Columbia and met the deadline to apply for money in the second round of the federal Race to the Top competition... click to read more [Return to Top]

Education Week, June 1, 2010
Race to Top, Round 2: The Contenders
Michele's got the full list of states posted over at Politics K-12, so we can officially kick off our prognosticating on who the likely victors will be in Round 2 of the Race to the Top sweepstakes... click to read more [Return to Top]

The News Tribune, March 31, 2010
A trip at the Race to the Top finish line
It's report card time for Race to the Top: "A" for theory, an "A" for effort but a shaky "B-" on the final exam... click to read more [Return to Top]

The News Tribune, March 9, 2010
Governor makes principals use 'dance of the lemons'
Gov. Chris Gregoire is promoting her education bill, SB 6696, as an effort to improve Washington schools and give the state a shot at a share of the $4.3 billion available through President Obama's Race to the Top initiative... click to read more [Return to Top]

The Seattle Times, February 3, 2010
State's entry idling at start line in Race to Top
A few weeks ago, 40 states and the District of Columbia jumped into the high-profile education competition known as Race to the Top, submitting applications up to 1,000 pages long to make their case for a share of $4.35 billion in federal prize money... click to read more [Return to Top]

HeraldNet.com, October 21, 2009
Washington shouldn’t say no to schools innovation
The $4.35 billion Race to the Top Fund provides a powerful incentive for Washington to join the education mainstream. More discretionary money than the feds have ever made available, the funds will be awarded to states to spur and support eduction reform... click to read more [Return to Top]

theolympian.com, September 15, 2009
Charter school debate is worth revisiting
This state’s steadfast refusal to allow charter schools is going to have a financial consequence. Washington is one of 11 states without charter schools, and that puts this state at the back of the line when it comes to receiving more than $4 billion in federal education grants... click to read more [Return to Top]
ktvz.com, August 17, 2009
Are charters schools a price of entry to reform?
SEATTLE (AP) - Eleven states have said no to charter schools, one of the education reforms President Barack Obama backs. They may soon be paying a penalty for that choice... click to read more [Return to Top]
publicbroadcasting.net, August 17, 2009
"Rabid Dog" Approach to Getting Federal Dollars for Education
OLYMPIA, WA (N3) - Governor Chris Gregoire is convening a task force to pursue "Race to the Top" money. These are federal stimulus dollars designed to spur education reform at the state level. But even the Governor acknowledges Washington may not qualify for the first-round of funding. One vocal Washington politician says it's a wake-up call to the education establishment. The first round of "Race to the Top" grants will come this fall, the second round next spring. KPLU's Austin Jenkins has more... click to read more [Return to Top]
The News Tribune, July 27, 2009
Educational pioneer? Not this state
In case you missed it, Washington just flunked the test for school reform. The failure will sting. States that pass the test are eligible for a piece of $4.35 billion in federal education funding. It looks like Washington's schools aren't even in the running... click to read more [Return to Top]
oregonlive.com, March 2009
Why is NEA cheering Obama's education ideas?
The National Education Association appears to be humming "Stand By Your Man," even after President Barack Obama promoted both merit pay and an expansion of charter schools in his recent comments about education... click to read more [Return to Top]
columbian.com, March 2009
Washington View: Obama, Jindal both right about charter schools
Both President Barack Obama (D) and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) spoke of the need for more charter schools in their televised addresses to the nation in late February. Their agreement illustrates that prominent Democrats and Republicans can agree charter schools are improving student learning and should expand... click to read more [Return to Top]
Seattle Times, November 26, 2004
The Allure of School Choice: Waiting List for District's Special Programs
Lake Washington School District has 11 choice schools, each designed around a different philosophy or theme, from the relationship between the environment and people to classical literature and historical themes. For all their allure, the choice schools represent a real commitment for families. Some require dozens of hours of parent service. Some do not have access to sports on campus, which means parents must ferry their children back to their neighborhood schools to participate... click to read more [Return to Top]
Seattle Times, November 5, 2004
Seattle District Presents Five-Year Schools Plan
Seattle Public Schools staff yesterday unveiled a five-year plan that sets 2009-2010 as the deadline to eliminate the achievement gap in reading and math, but could also mean closing some schools and limiting bus service. The plan envisions spending at least $20 million on new programs next year. To come up with the cash, the district's managers say resources will have to be dramatically shifted soon. We have to downsize the number of facilities we have," said Superintendent Raj Manhas... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Olympian, November 4, 2004
It's Back to the Drawing Board for Education Backers
Rejection of Initiative 884 could spell tough times ahead for educators now counting on Washington lawmakers to carve out more state money for public schools. But I-884 wasn't the only failed education measure on the ballot Tuesday.  Referendum 55 would have allowed the creation of 45 new charter schools statewide in the next six years... click to read more [Return to Top]
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 3, 2004
Charter Schools, Education Tax Defeated
Voters last night soundly rejected measures that would have bailed out Washington's hard-pressed public education system and opened the door to charter schools. Jim Spady, a longtime charter advocate, said that even though R-55 failed, the state's high school dropout rate of more than 30 percent can't be ignored. “We proposed charter public schools as a way to address this crisis,” he said. “If the voters decide that they don't want to address this problem with charter schools right now, the fact is the problem still needs to be addressed.”... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times November 3, 2004
Charter Schools Fail; State Law Is Overturned by Wide Margin
For the third time in eight years, Washington voters rejected an effort to allow charter schools in the state. If Referendum 55 had been approved, a law passed by the Legislature last spring would have remained in place. Returns last night indicate the law has been overturned by a wide margin... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Tacoma News Tribune, November 3, 2004
Voters Shoot Down Changes to Schools
Washington voters Tuesday appeared to reject Referendum 55, which would have launched a charter schools experiment in Washington. The measure would have authorized the creation of up to 45 charter schools over six years. It also would have allowed an unlimited number of “conversion” charters: existing public schools converted to charters if they failed to make adequate progress on test scores... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Olympian, November 3, 2004
Charter Referendum Falls Short, New Primary Passes
For the third time in a decade, Washington voters were rejecting a measure that would have permitted charter schools. Referendum 55, a measure that gave voters a chance to decide the fate of a legislative bill passed in 2003 allowing charter schools, was failing by a large margin Tuesday night... click to read more [Return to Top]
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 27, 2004
Paving Way for Black Students to Succeed in High School
SEI Academy is a public charter school and an outgrowth of Self Enhancement Inc., a non-profit that has pushed since 1981 to broaden opportunities for children, with a focus on Portland's African American population... click to read more [Return to Top]
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 27, 2004
A Good Curriculum, Teachers with Passion Add Up to Smart Kids
The M.I.T.C.H. Charter School in the Tigard-Tualatin school district is the creation of Debi Lorence, a former public and private school teacher who serves as the school's director. The acronym stands for Multi-sensory Instruction Teaching Children Hands-on... click to read more [Return to Top]
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 27, 2004
Voters Weigh Pros, Cons of Charter Schools in Battleground Washington
Washington is the battleground state for the charter school movement this year. Charter schools were approved by the Legislature and governor last spring, but the law was suspended when a petition drive, spearheaded by the state teachers' union, collected enough signatures to force a referendum... click to read more [Return to Top]
Washington Policy Center, October 14, 2004
Non-Partisan Analysis of Referendum 55 Available
Washington Policy Center, the state's premier public policy research and education organization, has completed non-partisan, objective analysis of all statewide propositions appearing on this year's ballot, including Referendum 55, which asks voters to decide if a limited experimental charter school law, which the Legislature passed earlier this year, should be passed... click to read more [Return to Top]
The (Everett, WA) Herald, October 12, 2004
Charter Schools Back on Ballot
Washington's voters will decide Nov. 2 whether to allow charter schools. Referendum 55 gives voters a chance to either endorse or overturn a decision by the Legislature last spring to approve charter schools, which receive public funding but operate with a looser regulatory leash... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, October 6, 2004
(Snohomish) County's Dropout Rates Charted
Compared with students statewide, a slightly smaller percentage of Snohomish County high-school students dropped out of school in 2002-2003, but a larger percentage failed to graduate in four years. At an annual rate of 6.6 percent, over four years 36 percent of students in the county dropped out or failed to graduate on time. The statewide annual rate was 6.7 percent, with a four-year cumulative rate of 34 percent... click to read more [Return to Top]
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 14, 2004
Only Two-Thirds of State's Students Graduate on Time
More than a third of Washington students who entered public high school as freshmen in the class of 2003 failed to graduate on time in four years, a rate unchanged from 2002. In Seattle, almost half of those freshmen failed to get a diploma in four years, a performance slightly worse than in Seattle's class of 2002... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, September 10, 2004
Gates' Donation Supports Charter Schools
Bill Gates yesterday announced a $300,000 personal contribution to the campaign to approve Referendum 55, which seeks to uphold the charter-school law passed by the Legislature last spring. In a statement, Gates said: "Approving R-55 will give Washington state parents and teachers an important tool to help improve our public schools and help students who are falling through the cracks... click to read more [Return to Top]
Business Wire, September 7, 2004
California Charter Schools Showing Greater Student Achievement Gains
California's public charter schools are making greater student achievement gains compared to their non-charter counterparts. The average growth on student achievement for charter schools nearly doubled the growth for their non-charter school counterparts... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Chicgo Sun-Times, September 3, 2004
Duncan Touts University-Run City Schools
Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan challenged each of the city's universities Thursday to run a Chicago public school, following a passionate defense of the new Renaissance 2010 plan to create 100 new schools in the next six years... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 2, 2004
More Parents to Get School-Choice Option 40 Facilities in the State Failed to Meet All Federal Testing Standards
Although scores rose this year on the Washington Assessment of Student Learning, the results mean parents at more public schools than ever before will be offered the chance to transfer their children to a better-performing school at district expense... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, August 27, 2004
Charter Schools Get $600,000
Supporters of charter schools received $600,000 last week from two wealthy individuals, Donald Fisher, co-founder and former chairman of the Gap, and John Walton of the family that founded Wal-Mart... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, August 19, 2004
Charter-School Study Sparks Debate
Charter-school opponents and supporters are both claiming the high ground after a controversial report by the American Federation of Teachers that said students at charter schools fare worse than students at traditional public schools... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Tacoma News Tribune, July 27, 2004
Lazy Days of Summer? Hardly.
Nearly half of Tacoma ninth-graders flunk at least one class during their freshman year of high school. Last fall semester in Tacoma, 46 percent of ninth-graders failed at least one class, according to a recent district analysis. When overall grades are tallied, 22 percent of ninth-graders earned a GPA of less than 1.0 - below a D average. In contrast, only 2 percent of Tacoma sixth-graders and 9 percent of 10th-graders had such low grades... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 22, 2004
Former state school chief Billings to run for her old job
Judith Billings, the state school chief for eight years until 1996 when she announced she had HIV, announced Wednesday that she's challenging incumbent Terry Bergeson. The candidate said she opposes charter schools because of the state's poor economic climate, even though she supported a charter-school initiative four years ago. Back then, she said, the initiative was "carefully crafted" for accountability and that the economic times were "plush..." click to read more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, July 03, 2004
Ballot Measures
Here's an update on the likely November 2004 ballot measures... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Bremerton Patriot, June 25, 2004
Parents Group Begins Charter School Campaign
A group of parents dissatisfied with the school district have begun a campaign to open a charter school in Bremerton as early as 2006. Although the Washington Legislature recently passed a law allowing charter schools, it has met with fierce opposition from the teachers’ union, which successfully petitioned for the law to go to a vote Nov. 2... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Tacoma News Tribune, June 22, 2004
Measure Puts Charter School Plans on Hold
Proposals for charter schools in Eatonville and Federal Way apparently are on hold until voters decide the fate of Referendum 55 in November... click to read more [Return to Top]
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 11, 2004
Charter School Plans to File in Federal Way
The operators of a charter school in California plan to file an application next week to open a school in Federal Way under Washington's suspended charter school law. Informational packets have also been mailed to the Highline, Kent and Renton school districts... click to read more [Return to Top]
Skagit Valley Herald, June 10, 2004
Mount Vernon Gets First Charter School Request
The Mount Vernon School District has its first charter school request. A group calling itself the Mount Vernon Charter School Corporation has proposed running a school for 80 to 100 students in kindergarten through third-grade... click to read more [Return to Top]
King County Journal, June 9, 2004
Charter schools delay is likely
Rogelio Riojas is the executive director of Sea Mar Community Health Center, a nonprofit agency that provides health services to low-income Latinos around King County. Riojas is interested in starting a charter school in the Highline School District in south King County for a small group of children who are primarily Spanish-speaking... click to read more [Return to Top]
The Seattle Times, June 7, 2004
Charter-school network seeks a foothold in Washington
KIPP plans to submit an application in the next few weeks to open one of Washington state's first charter schools...click to read more [Return to Top]

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