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February, 2013

WA's new charter school law rated 3rd best in the USA by the NAPCS

Washington charter school law rated 3rd in the USA by NAPCS

In November 2012, Washington voters adopted a public charter school law via Initiative 1240. Because of its relatively strong alignment with NAPCS’s model law, Washington’s new law scored 161 points out of 228 points, placing it at #3 (out of 43).

Washington’s law allows multiple authorizers, is well aligned with the model law’s four quality control components (#6 through #9), and provides operational autonomy to charter schools. In addition, while it appears that the law has many of the model law provisions related to equitable operational funding, there is no evidence yet of the actual level of equity because the law just passed.

The two major weaknesses of the law include a cap of no more than 40 charter schools during the initial five years of the law and a relatively small number of provisions for supporting charters’ facilities needs.

Click this link to view the NAPCS page showing the complete chart and report.

Click this link to download the PDF of above page.

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