National News
October 22, 2009

Harvard/MIT study about Boston Charter Schools

Whether using the randomized lotteries or statistical controls for measured
background characteristics, we generally find large positive effects for
Charter Schools, at both the middle school and high school levels. For each
year of attendance in middle school, we estimate that Charter Schools raise
student achievement .09 to .17 standard deviations in English Language Arts
and .18 to .53 standard deviations in math relative to those attending
traditional schools in the Boston Public Schools. The estimated impact on
math achievement for Charter middle schools is extraordinarily large.
Increas- ing performance by .5 standard deviations is the same as moving
from the 50th to the 69th percentile in student performance. This is roughly
half the size of the black- white achievement gap. In high school, the
estimated gains are somewhat smaller than in middle school. [Full Article]

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