National News, January 10, 2009

Luna Supports Lifting Limit on New Charter Schools

Associated Press

TWIN FALLS -- Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna is supporting an effort to raise the cap on the number of new charter schools that can open each year, saying the limit could deny children some educational opportunities.

Idaho law limits the number of new charter schools to six a year.

It was a measure put in place several years ago, amid concerns that too many new charter schools in any one district would lead to declining enrollment and reduced funding at traditional public schools.

Luna said more than 50 charter school petitions are in the works statewide, and 12 of them are ready or almost ready. He says that under the current rules, some schools would have to wait years to open.

The Coalition of Charter School Families wants the Legislature to consider removing the cap, contending it's too restrictive and hinders progress.

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