WCSRC Conference

December 15, 2012

top 10Top 10 Action Items For Washington Charter Starters

  1. Don’t Delay!  Start Today!

  2. Be A Strong Advocate For Public Charter Schools: Network, Go Public, Collaborate
    • “Like” our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/wacharterschools
    • Read email updates from www.WACharterSchools.org
    • Set Up Your Donor & Volunteer Database Now
    • Talk to local business and community leaders
    • Talk to your local media.  They want to talk to you.
    • Make Calls, Send Emails:  Be prepared to fight for this opportunity to help kids.

  3. Build Your Team
    • Chief Education Officer (CEO)
    • Chief Business Officer (CBO)
    • Accountant
    • Lawyer
    • Teachers
    • Parents
    • Real Estate Agent

  4. Partner with an existing 501-c-3 (or create your own, but it takes a year)

  5. Ask for Help from Current Successful Charter Schools in other States
    • National Alliance for Public Charter Schools:  www.publiccharters.org
    • Find the most successful charter school that’s similar to your vision. Visit the school.  Ask them for help and a copy of their original charter application and any renewals.

  6. Find a Facility:  Look for space located near underused public facilities such as libraries, gyms, pools and playgrounds.  Try to use a facility designated in section 223(4) of I-1240 to avoid zoning problems.

  7. Make Political Connections:
    • State Representatives
    • State Senators
    • County Executive and Commissioners
    • Mayor and City Council Members
    • School Board Superintendent and the School Board Members
    • State Board of Education
    • Educational Service Districts

  8. Attend Charter School Conferences in other States

  9. Read the Law Carefully, Several Times

  10.  Create a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy:  Hold the Vision!  Be Positive and Optimistic!

Be careful, but don’t be afraid.  Powerful special interest groups will oppose you and will probably attack you personally, but you can prevail just as others have over 5,000 times in 41 other states. 


2012, Washington Charter School Resource Center. 12/15/12 Charter School Conference, Tacoma


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