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The mission of the Washington Charter School Resource Center (WCSRC) is to improve the quality of education for all children in the state of Washington.

Jim and Panel


January 19, 2013

Dear Friend

Conference Videos Now Online

Great news! The videos of most of the presentations from the 12/15/12 Charter School Conference at UW-Tacoma are now available online.

If you didn't have a chance to attend the 12/15/12 conference, and want to create a charter school in WA, you should watch some of these videos. All the panels were fantastic, but we highly recommend you watch our two keynote speakers Dr. Yvonne Chan and Marta Reyes (she is in the afternoon link below). If you did attend the conference, please forward this email to your friends and colleagues with your favorite sessions.

To watch the afternoon sessions, use this link.

To watch the morning sessions, use this link .

To join the charter school conversation on our Facebook page, click on this link.

Charter Starters Going Public

As anyone who attended the 12/15/12 conference knows, there are a lot of educators who are interested in using WA's new public charter school law to create new public school choices for the children and families of WA.

However, no one who attended the conference was ready at that time to announce publicly their intention to create one of WA's first 8 public charter schools.

That has now changed.

Bill and Cate Lay, founders of the Willamette Leadership Academy announced their intentions at the State Board of Education meeting on January 9. They want to duplicate their Oregon charter school near the Montesano area in Grays Harbor County (where they now live).

In addition, several others have expressed interest in creating charter schools on our Facebook page, including schools in Tacoma, Wenatchee, Vancouver and King County.

Are you ready to announce your intentions? When you're ready to "go public" let us know and we'll put the word out so that others who share your vision can reach out to help you.

Who can authorize you to start your public charter school?

There are two types of authorizers: the Washington Charter School Commission (statewide authorizer) and local school districts that have applied for and received permission from the State Board of Education (local authorizers).

The State Board of Education has proposed new regulations that will govern the process by which local school districts can apply for and receive permission to authorize charter schools locally. These regulations should be adopted before March 1, although they might be amended. If they are adopted without change, we will know by early April which school districts are interested in authorizing charter schools in the first round.

The Washington Charter School Commission has nine members who must be appointed no later than March 6. We're hopeful that the Governor, Lt. Governor, and House Speaker will announce their appointments before then.

We know a lot of high-quality people have volunteered to serve on the new Washington Charter School Commission, including

  • Dr. Sam Smith (former President of Washington State University),
  • Marta Reyes, the afternoon keynote speaker at our 12/15/12 conference,
  • Steve Johnson, a WCSRC "Charter Champion" and former Senator and Chair of the Senate Education Committee, who also spoke at the conference, and
  • Liv Finne, Director of the Center for Education at the Washington Policy Center.

THANK YOU for all you're doing to bring the choice of high-quality public charter schools to the children and families of WA!

Best Wishes,

Jim & Fawn Spady
Washington Charter School Resource Center

Best Wishes,

Jim & Fawn Spady
Washington Charter School Resource Center