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Almost 800,000 additional ballots have been counted since Election Night, and Initiative 1240 is looking more and more like it will ultimately win a majority of votes cast when the election results are ultimately certified by the Secretary of State.

On Election Night, I-1240 led by 44,096 votes.  In percentage terms, out of 1,843,162 votes counted, I-1240 was ahead 51.2% to 48.8%.

As of today, I-1240 leads by 43,893 votes.  In percentage terms, out of 2,609,273 votes counted, I-1240 is now ahead 50.84% to 49.16%.

So while our lead in percentage terms has declined a little as more votes have been counted, our lead in actual "yes" votes has barely moved, and I-1240 will win this election as long as there are more "yes" votes than "no" votes when all the votes are eventually counted.

Similarly, while I-1240 is no longer winning as many of Washington's 39 counties as on Election Night, I-1240 still leads in 19 counties, including most of the counties bordering Puget Sound, most of the counties in SW Washington, and most of the counties in central Washington.  Of course, if I-1240 becomes law, public charters schools will be allowed everywhere in the state, regardless of whether a majority of voters in a particular county voted in favor of I-1240 or not.

What's next?  As of today, there are still 366,122 ballots that have been received but not yet counted.  So while it is mathematically possible that these last ballots will break dramatically against I-1240, that seems very unlikely given the trend established by the most recent 800,000 ballots counted.

Stay tuned!  As soon as I-1240's victory is certain, the many pro-charter organizations in WA will begin gathering and planning for how best to implement the law so that WA's families can have as many new, high-quality public charter school choices as the law allows, as quickly as possible.




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